Health & Vitality Honours is the platform for businesses to showcase best practice and help create a greater transparency on the social issues of health and nutrition throughout the foodservice supply chain. The scheme is designed to recognise excellence in this area by operators in both the cost and profit sectors of the industry and in the organisations that supply them. It also aims to promote the manufacture of healthier products, the implementation of healthy living programmes in foodservice and awareness amongst consumers of the industry’s work and achievements.

The winners of the 2017 Health & Vitality Honours were announced at a spectacular lunch held in the famous Long Room at Lord's Cricket Ground on 26th January. The 2018 programme is open for entries on September 1st 2017.




Sponsors 2018

AMANDA URSELLOur Principal Ambassador for Health & Vitality Honours is nutritionist, writer and presenter Amanda Ursell. Amanda is a member of the British Dietetic Association, The Nutrition Society, The Guild of Food Writers and is a Visiting Fellow of Oxford Brookes University and The Royal Society of Medicine.

“I’m incredibly happy to be involved as Principal Ambassador of the Health & Vitality Honours – a venture which will create more transparency on health-related issues within the foodservice supply chain, and provide a truly great platform for businesses to showcase best practice whilst highlighting such an important issue in a non-competitive environment. I can’t wait to discover what the industry is doing to 'health-up' the meals they are feeding to millions of people everyday, and am very excited about the potential for the Honours to inspire everyone in the industry to create tasty, 'good for you' offerings.”

“Eating well isn’t all about lettuce leaves, cottage cheese and obsessing about every calorie consumed. Great tasting food can, with a little thought, effort and skill also be good for you – food doesn't have to be way out and weird to be healthy, nutritious can also be delicious! How we eat can affect how we feel, impact on our levels of concentration and wellbeing and influence our long-term health. Once businesses understand the crucial role that nutrition makes to their employees, it will only be a matter of time before they start demanding that the food and drink available in the workplace fits this bill.”

“The Health & Vitality Honours provides a fantastic platform for companies to show how they are already taking up the challenge to improve the health of their offerings, which in turn will help to improve the health of those eating it. It’s important to remember that we really are what we eat, so let's make what we eat count – helping it to improve everything from daily productivity at work, to better long-term health and happiness!”